You eat pretty healthy, right? You work hard towards your overall fitness goals. How does that manifest in your day to day eating? Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals per day? Are you well hydrated? 

Take this short quiz and see how you do...


1) How much calcium does your body need each day?
     A) 400mg      B) 100mg      C) 700mg        D) 1000mg

 2)How many 8 oz glasses of water each day?
     A) 12 for men; 10 for women   B) 10 for men; 8 for women   C) 8 for men; 6 for women   D) 6 for men; 4 for women

 3) Which vegetable helps lower cholesterol and boost energy levels?
     A) Carrots      B) Corn       C) Beans       D) Lettuce

 4) How many portions of fish should you eat each week?
     A) 2       B) 4       C) 6       D) 8

 5) Where does most of your vitamin D come from
     A) Sunlight    B) Fortified cereal    C) Carbohydrate    D) Eggs

 6) Which of these has the most calories? Medium “skinny”
     A) mocha      B) latte      C) cappuccino       D) vanilla late

 7) Which fruit decreases risk of stroke, lowers high blood pressure, relieves heartburn, and prevents ulcers?
     A) Cherries      B) Grapefruit      C) Bananas       D) Apples

 8) What are some health benefits of olive oil (select all that apply)?
     A) Helps lower cholesterol
     B) Reduces risk of heart disease
     C) Reduces risk of breast cancer
     D) Helps fight cellular damage that can lead to cancer

 9) Which drink contains hundreds of compounds that act like antioxidants to help neutralize harmful oxygen molecules in the body known as free radicals?  
     A) Tea     B) Orange Juice     C) Milk       D) Coffee

 10) What is the recommended daily intake for fiber?
     A) 25-35 grams     B) 15-20 grams     C)  10-15 grams

How did it go?
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1. 700mg/day calcium from dairy, leafy greens
2. 10 men; 8 women glasses of water
3. Corn (soluble fiber)
4. 2 portions of fish per week-esp. oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel
5. Sunlight
6. Mocha (981 calories- about 1/2 of recommended daily calorie intake for women)
7. Bananas (potassium)
8. ALL
9. Tea
10. 25-35grams of fiber

To Your Health,
Coach Michelle Smith