New Love

I am in love. 

It’s funny, I didn’t think it would happen so quick, but it did.  I fought it hard.  I didn’t want to leave what I had….but now I don’t know if I will ever go back.


When I went gluten free I switched seamlessly over to brown rice pasta and just settled.  It was good.  It did the job.  As a pasta lover I needed to know that I had an option.  No one really noticed the difference, but I did.  It missed that al dente bite that I enjoyed in my pasta.

Then I tried the Italian pasta by Schar.  Dinner has changed.  I topped it with my fresh home cooked sauce made from the tomatoes that Sarah and I picked at Honey Brook Organic Farm – THIS was the dinner I had been missing. 


In fact – I am really excited to announce that I have partnered with Schar and they have sent me some fabulous products to try out!  I will keep you posted on it all!


The official website is great – recipes, product info and make sure to join the Schar club too.  Here’s a peak at a great article on gluten free food shopping. (Hint:  Whole foods like veggies, fruits, proteins – then fill in with your grains!)

In our home, I am gluten free, the kids and Hubby are not – but when I find an option that everyone enjoys, it makes mealtime easier for me to prepare, and then there’s more time for sitting together at the table and connecting.   Thank you Schar for that !!

In health & happiness,