Where to Find Empowerment

Empowerment.  A big word with a bigger meaning.

It’s about having the knowledge to make the decisions to better your life.

As the beautiful Maya Angelou said :



Make empowered choices in your life.  Pull from everything you learn – but most of all, the strength and knowledge that you will find most valuable is the that from your own life experience.  Every fitness and beauty magazine is going to have a different take on diets and fitness and beauty care and what you should be doing – but the only person that makes a difference is you.  Take the information and run with it, or don’t.  Make choices that fit your life.  Are you a vegetarian?  Great!  Have you felt compelled to try the whole Paleo thing?  That’s great too. It’s not about right or wrong.  It is about what works for you and what you feel good about.  Knowledge is power.  Maybe you tried an herbal remedy for your allergies instead of jumping right for the medication, but if you need the meds, that ‘s OK.  No judgment – be true to you – organically down to your roots. 

Life is always opening up small paths and kicking up the dirt.  This is to challenge you.  Accept the challenge with a smile and know that every little step you take is an enlightening step in the right direction.


In wellness and empowerment,


Life Lessons in the Garden


life lessons in the garden

It’s spring, and with the warm weather I enjoy gardening.  The act of planting seeds and watching them grow never gets old for me.  It’s amazing to see how fast it all happens, especially in the heat of the summer.  There is a lot of work involved afterward too:  weeding out the ever growing weeds, taking care of the plants properly with support systems, and making sure they are constantly watered.  But if I go on vacation I need to make sure my neighbor waters the garden, or it will dry out.  If I get lazy and don’t keep up with the daily tasks the weeds will overgrow and crowd out the vegetable plants and flowers.  It is with a daily check-in and awareness that keeps the garden healthy and strong.

A friend of mine recently had a really bad time.  She felt emotionally empty, she wasn’t sure where her relationship with her boyfriend was headed, and her own business was at a stand still.  She was stuck.  She couldn’t feel any lower than she felt at that moment.  She cried.  She screamed.  She allowed herself to go there.  She let go. You see, a little while later she told me that she had a breakdown. But then she got through it.  She gained more clarity in her business. She felt stronger as a parent.  Her relationship, which was struggling, became more united once she was able to let go of the negative things she was feeling.  Life is dirty.  It’s messy.  It is when you allow yourself to let go in the moment, to get in the dirt instead of fighting it, that like the seeds, you find your place in the garden. Your tears send water and allow those emotions to flow – it’s all energy my dear, you cannot hold it in forever.  You find the light and the magic happens. It is then, from the dirt, from your tears, with the light, that you take root and grow. 


With love,


30 Self-Care Ideas



I am a stickler for self-care.  I love sleep, but have kids that get up extremely early, so I know that I need to get to bed early in order to function properly the next day.  I love cake and cookies, but I know that if I eat them all the time I feel icky, so I save it for special occasions. I make sure to move my body most days of the week.  If I don’t do a workout, then I just put on music and dance.  This is all self-care.  Finding balance in life comes into play with your self-care. When you take some time to discover what makes you smile, you can then more clearly take the time to create a self-care plan that fits your life.

Taking the time to check in on various aspects of your life helps you know where you need to pay a little more attention. Here is a simple exercise you can do right now:


Take the areas of your life and rate them, 1 being not satisfied at all and 10 being extremely satisfied. Those areas could be: Career, Home Life, Relationships, Joyfulness, Physical Activity, Spirituality and Creativity. These are just some examples and you can certainly add in items such as Social Life, Healthy Food or Home Cooked Food. This is a great way to see where you are at and where you need to do some more healthy life balancing self-care.


What is self-care?  Self-care is creating habits, or rituals, in the way you balance emotional and physical stress. Sticking with an exercise regimen that suits you is self-care. Practicing both yoga and meditation are excellent physical and mental stress relievers. Getting enough sleep at night is self-care. A ritual bubble bath on Sunday evening to mentally prepare for the work week would be a great addition for moms. Self-care and pampering could be seen as the same thing. However, if you cannot afford to get that pedicure or those new highlights you want, than don’t get them. Putting yourself in financial debt in the guise of “taking care of yourself” will only cause you more stress in the end.



1. Yoga

2. Meditation

3. Fitness routine

4. Walk/hike

5. Hot towel scrub

6. Dry brushing a few times a week

7. 15 Mini trampoline routine daily

8. Read

9. Craft such as: knit/crochet/sew/scrapbook

10. Paint/draw

11. Walk/ or tea with a friend

12. Bubble or detox bath

13. Nap on the weekend

14. Daily practice of neti wash for sinuses

15. Journaling

16. Listening to your favorite music

17. Buy yourself flowers

18. Time with your partner

19. Eat simple, nourishing whole foods

20. Forgive others

21. Forgive yourself

22. Be grateful for something every day

23. Wash your face every night

24. Make a list of movies you love and watch them

25. Love yourself

26. Getting the proper sleep at night

27. Saying “no” to things that you cannot fit in your schedule

28. Calling a good friend

29. Practice daily affirmations

30. E.F.T. – Emotional Freedom Technique (the book, The Tapping Solution is a great resource to learn about this.)



Start your self-care routine today. What does the list include that you can choose from to create a pampered self, inside and out?  How can you create your best life?

A Walk, A Talk, and a Listen



After dinner the other night  I decided to grab my daughter and go for a walk. Actually, I have been grasping for ways to sneak in activity with her to keep her active. She’s the carb/sugar lover in the house – and it can be pretty tricky changing up the diet of a 10 year old girl. She’s full of rocky emotions that she can’t explain, it was a full moon, and food is so personal. I have talked to her about hunger, the true hunger you feel in your belly. I have discussed just eating because food is there. I don’t talk weight. And then, I don’t talk. Because I have seen that she learns far more from my actions than from what I say directly to her. Like how she knows that mom will eat a bag of cookies if left unattended at an emotional moment.

They watch us for signs and we give them all the time. I have no problem probing the mind of an adult woman, looking to find that piece of information to use for her own inspiration. A breakthrough moment that can change it all for a beautiful woman that has used food over and over again as both weapon and comfort. But a child, this one is tricky. I am the mom. I am the one causing the discomfort when I say “no” or when family scuffles are happening.

We took a picture of the sun beginning to set and she asked me to email it to her. It was our moment.

So we just walked. I didn’t say anything about food. I didn’t say anything about having to move your body. She just talked about all kinds of stuff and I listened. And then she asked if we could walk again another day.