Before and After

My Facebook time line is bombarded with before and after pictures.  Heck, I have even posted them in the past when sharing a certain plan.  But sometimes I see something different.  Sometimes I see a “before” pic that looks great.  Sometimes I wonder what the story is behind the story.  I want to know their past. Their body image.  Who their support system is. 

And sometime the before picture is of someone who is 9 months pregnant.  That bothers me.  Being pregnant is beautiful and never strikes me as a “before” situation, but rather a carrier of life.  A carrier of life.  Nurturing.  Growing.  In fact, when I was pregnant, both times, I remember feeling beautiful.  Truly for the first time ever.  Those anxieties of worrying about how I looked or the size of my ass were completely gone.  My body was doing this amazing work and I was along for the ride.  I trusted my hunger and my cravings.  Another soul was growing inside of me.  Another soul.  Wow. 

So I see your before and after photos and I applaud you for making healthy changes.  But I want to know your story.  The true story of the change in your heart.  How did you learn to love yourself?  How did you learn to put your self care first?  I don’t want to know how you obsess about calories, or portions, or macronutrients.  I don’t want to know how many minutes of running it takes to burn off a gluten free bagel.  I want to know how you tune into the infinite wisdom of your spirit and trust your hunger.  Trust that you already have the answers and that no post on Pinterest of detox water or workout challenges will get you there.

You have got this.  Before, during and after………