Yes. I Took an Allergy Pill.



The tree pollen here in Jersey has bloomed – itchiness and congestions abounds with at least someone every where I go.  I sip on my nettle tea throughout the day and it helps – but a full morning on the lacrosse field and then pulling weeds later on at home yesterday put my allergies in to a tailspin.  I used all my natural remedies, but I still had a really tough time last night. 

What I want to talk to you today about is not eating some weird herb or drinking some crazy concoction – it’s about being real.  I woke up made my coffee and took a Zyrtec.  GASP!  Yes, I took medicine for my crazy-itchy-not-so-sexy-allergies.  I am not anti-medicine, nor am I going to suffer through this day that I get to spend space with my beautiful, and sometimes cranky kids.   A healthy life does not need to be extreme.  You don’t have to skip any and all forms of medicine, or cleaning products, or even “conventional” make-up to live your fullest and healthiest life. 

Here’s the real deal:  YOU decide what your best life is. 

For a long time I have struggled with finding my place in the blogosphere and health coaching world because I see my life in the middle.  I eat meat when I crave it.  I cannot smear avocado on my toast because I am allergic to it.  And, while I drink my hot lemon water daily, I do it later in the day, because I enjoy my coffee in the morning.  And if we are friends, you know I like a nice glass of wine. Or two.  While I am being honest, 2 weeks ago on vacation for spring break, I completely went off my gluten-free diet and tried a little bit of everything on our cruise.(Note: I do not have celiac disease),  I know that this has also caused some inflammation and is most likely why the pollen has been so irritating to me during the past few days.

My question to you, my beautiful reader is this:  Do you hold back from making healthier changes to your life because you see it as “all-or-nothing”?  Does even the idea of a smoothie challenge seem overwhelming and doom you to failure in the end?  It’s not cut and dry – just begin to add in the healthy stuff that feels right to you.   There is absolutely no reason why a woman needs to begin diving in to a piece of cheesecake feeling the need to whisper “I know I really shouldn’t eat this but…”  or that there should be any guilt if you eat a sandwich instead of a salad for lunch. 

Of course I want the best for you.  I see your amazing potential and I challenge you to see your beauty and strength.  To be at your best in each moment fluctuates like the waves on the beach (sorry, Jersey shore girl here).  Some days you are all right with the nettle tea.  Other days, you swallow the Zyrtec and just move on.  It’s not bad.  It’s not cheating.  It’s living. 

Are you ready to get real with your health and stop holding back?


With love and spring fever,


Smoothie Challenge–Can You Commit to 14 Days?



It’s going down tomorrow – the 14 Day Smoothie Challenge I have been telling you about on Facebook Page.  It’s super simple:  Commit yourself to ONE smoothie a day for 14 days.  Any smoothie you want – but  I can give you a few recipes to get you started if this is new to you.  All the action is over on the FACEBOOK GROUP – make sure to check it out and get involved.  Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?  Share it over there too!  When it’s all over, we’ll put together any recipes and email them to you.

About photos:  I LOVE me some pics – so make sure to share yours with the #jgosmoothiechallenge on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.



With love and kale,


A Smoothie A Day–#jgosmoothiechallenge



There are tons of smoothie recipes all over Pinterest – I’m sure you have pinned a bunch already.  But are you drinking them?  Smoothies are an easy way to get some of the many fruits and vegetables into your body for the busy day ahead.  I like mine for breakfast, but any time of day that you are hungry is a good time for smoothies.

That being said we are announcing a SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE.  All you have to do it commit to yourself to drink ONE smoothie a day for 14 days.  The group begins on Tuesday, April 14.  There will be some recipes posted on the FACEBOOK GROUP and also sent right to your inbox.  The group is a great way to cheer each other on and share some great recipes and tips.  One request:  Keep it positive.  Love and support are key to sticking with your goals – let’s do this together!


With love and kale,


Real Life and Living It



This week, like most, has been crazy busy.  We are blessed to be taking a spring break cruise with some fun friends, my son just started his first lacrosse season, and between swim and chorus and getting in friend time, my daughter is exhausted.  Oh yeah, then there is guitar lessons for both kids.  For me, working part time outside the house, as well as coaching and writing a book from home is a lot on the plate right now.  Part of me not getting crazy, or triggering the fibromyalgia that lies within me, is stress management and getting to sleep on time.  Yes – I am the mom the leaves dishes in the sink, or doesn’t finish all my to-do list because it’s 8:30pm and I know that I need to get to bed in order to wake up at 5am to get the next day started.  I don’t feel guilty about it.  This is just a small part of how I nurture and take care of my self.

I see those moms that can do it all.  I used to want to be that mom.  I tried.  That’s when my body yelled at me and pretty much told me to sit down and relax.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and it sucked.  Until I realized the gift that it was.  I remember my arms and wrists in such pain, I literally had trouble holding things.  Hmmmm….  I physically (and mentally) needed to let go of the things that were weighing me down.  Let go.  There’s that theme again

I have let go of many things:  food guilt, the urge to be perfect all the time, and most of all, the fear of living out loud.  This is what the book is about:  Balance and feeding your true hungers.  Are you getting excited now?  Is this read going to be one in your beach bag later this summer?

What are you holding onto that, perhaps you can let go of today to bring more breathing room into your life?  I don’t mean tomorrow or next week.  Today.

Comment below and let’s hear it!!!


In love and empowerment,