Why the Weight Kept Creeping Back On and What I Needed to Do

Why the weight kept creeping back on1

No matter what plan I used, it would work while I was in it, and then, months later, when I went “back to normal”, the weight would creep back on.  Have you been there?  Yep.  It happens all the time.   One day I realized why this kept happening.  What I found quite honestly has been a game changer. 

That one thing:  COMMITMENT.

Sure, when you did that plan or diet you were committed while you were doing it.  But what happened after?  Once the protein powder and frozen fruit for your smoothies was gone, you just kept going without a goal.  So the question really is :

Where are you going?

What are you committed to?

What is true commitment?  I can tell you that the only thing I have ever been truly committed to consistently is my marriage and my children. When I said yes to that marriage proposal back in 2002 on that beautiful evening in Maui, I remember asking him “Are you sure”?  I know, romantic, right?  We laugh about it now, but I know exactly why I said it.  To me, my commitment was strong.  I knew that I would work every day with that goal of a strong marriage in my heart.  I was completely in it for the long haul.  But all those times that I dieted?  I was only fully committed until I got the result I wanted – then, I just stopped.  Life is flow and energy and we are constantly moving.  Once I dropped the goals and commitment, then what happened?  I fell back into old habits. 

Back to commitment.  What have you ever committed to fully?  No matter what happened, you kept your eye on the prize and kept moving forward, right?  Take the general “Lose Weight” goal.  It’s great – but what happens when you get there?  What happens when you achieve your goal?  You need to change your commitment.  Once you go back to old thinking and old habits, you will go back to your old weight.

But, check this out.  What if you paid attention?  What if you had truly engaging conversation with yourself every day – checked in where you are at and where you are going?  Just like the GPS you will get exactly where you need to be.  Most GPS systems update during your trip.  It might change the route due to traffic that will slow you down.  Wait a minute.  What?  You are still going to the same place, but the way you are going has changed.  Genius!!

Every once in a while I need to refocus and commit to myself again.  The stresses of daily life, a house, kids, other commitments, can take their toll and leave my needs lying in the dust.  I journal and refocus.  I make those non-negotiable work-out appointments. I take baths.  I eat mindfully and drink my water with lemon.  I call friends, yes, on the phone. I reconnect with me and with those who matter to me.   I make sure all the things I need for a balanced life are there. 

So here it is my friend, what are you committed to for yourself today?  What are you doing and prioritizing right now in order to keep that momentum going?  Whether it is your health or working on relationships, there is always constant work to be done.  What are you paying attention to?  What needs more attention?



Boardwalk Fun and Summer’s Not Over Yet Giveaway #JenksMemory

Disclaimer:  As a Jenkinsons’ Memory Maker I have been provided with a voucher for my visit.  All experiences and opinion are my own.

It was a hot day.  A super hot and sticky day.  The water was inviting and cool.  The kids screamed with joy as the waves crashed, again and again. They are 9 and 10, and getting in the ocean is always a fun time.  We started the day on the beach, hit up the aquarium, and finally ended the afternoon with the rides on the boardwalk.  In between we found time to enter the funhouse, in which my kids found it hilarious that I was lost in the hall of mirrors. Yep, my sense of no direction at all got me dazed and confused.  It was funny.  All in all it was a great day to get out and remember how much fun we can have together – thank you Jenkinsons!


We don’t live very far from Point Pleasant Beach – and the memories flooded back as we stepped up to the boardwalk.  I flashed back to when the kids were babies, and even when I was pregnant, of my walks up and down the boardwalk, usually early morning, off season and during the height of the summer.  Now, I look at them, these beautiful children,  and they are growing so fast.  My babies are gone and they are ready for bumper cars and roller coasters.  I’m not sure where the time goes.  I made it my goal to stay present the entire day and really just take it all in.  These days goes too fast and creating memories like this are what it’s all about.  Don’t you agree?

Creating memories.




Fun rides and good times.


Swing time!


As we ventured back to the car, the kids were walking a little slower, but chatting faster and faster about what each of their favorite rides were.  It’s hard sometimes, as they are getting older and finding their own personalities,  to do things  as a family that everyone will enjoy, but this day was one of those.  Sandy toes and smiling faces drifted into sleeping children on the drive back home over the bridge.  Thanks again Jenkinsons for the great memories!  #JenksMemory

Enter to win ONE VIP voucher for a weekday visit (Monday –Friday, Excludes holidays, non transferable) which entitles up to 5 people complimentary use of the Amusements, Beach, Bath House, Mini Golf, Aquarium and Fun House.  This has been provided courtesy of Jenkinsons Boardwalk. 

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Make Paper, Grow Plants

I remember going to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for a class trip as a child and making paper.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I always loved writing, drawing, and  doodling, so paper, and actually being in the process of making it, was inspiring.  Spring forward to now, my kids being 9 and 10, and I am always looking for crafts that they will both enjoy, but also learn something.

OMG – make paper!  Not only paper – but plantable, seed containing paper – MIND BLOWN! I am thinking teachers’ gifts – which I really try to get the kids involved with, or even little bookmarks or gift tags for the holidays.  My daughter is more the writer, so even a little stack of her own notepaper would be nice to help her create for herself.   I will keep you posted on what we end up making, but here’s a great infographic from CustomMade to help you along.

Make sure to let me know what you will create in the comments below.

Happy crafting,

What Do I Do With All The Veggies in That CSA Box?

CSA every week

“Seriously, what do you do with all those vegetables?”  That is the question my friends ask when I say it’s time to pick up our veggie box.   Sure, some weeks it can be overwhelming- I mean- look at all that produce!  

Last year we signed up for the first time with a local CSA – you can read all about that HERE.  It has been great for our family.

#1 – Supporting a local organic farm is an awesome feeling.

#2 – The quality and taste of what we get has been outstanding

#3 – We all got the chance to try new things that I had never picked up at the supermarket before.

I’m not going to lie to you – going more local with our food has been a big change for us.  When you do a local CSA you are essentially learning to eat seasonally.  In other words, you get to see what is growing right now in your area.  In the spring here in NJ that means LOTS of greens – lettuces, Swiss chard, kale, collards.  It’s so easy to easy to eat more salads as the weather begins to warm up, but my family does at times gives me the stink eye when I shout out “Salad tonight”, especially if they have had it the past ten evenings.  The farm we are members at also does berries.  No kidding, they are the best strawberries we have ever tasted.  Ever.  And their corn – amazing.   During the hotter days of summer it’s all about the zucchini, yellow summer squash and eggplants.  As the summer begins to wind down and we find ourselves prepping for back-to-school there are a ton of tomatoes and peppers. 

We invest in a Whole, or Family Size share, which fits into a large bushel box. 

So how do we use all this great produce, and what are some essential items in my kitchen?

  • Green Produce Bags
    – these are a great – when I unpack our share I make sure to wrap produce into these.
  • Large Paper Bag –  onions are going to go into here and into a cool spot in the house, usually in the basement.  I end up with enough to last us through to the winter.
  • Gallon Freezer Bags – For green beans, broccoli, zucchini and squashes that I just don’t  use up quick enough I wash and prep, drop them in boiling water for 20-30 seconds, then put into a labeled and dated gallon freezer bag, push out all the air and freeze for another time.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips– These are in the house all the time – right now my kids favorite way of eating zucchini  is this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread – we bake them and they freeze great too.
  • The Power of Greens – and the many ways to use them:  salads, smoothies, sauté, or use larger leaves as wraps instead of bread or taco shells.  Greens are super full of enzymes and nutrients – get them in your daily diet.  Make sure to rotate them too – don’t eat the same boring thing every single day.  That’s dull.  And you don’t want dull.
  • 8 Oz Regular Mouth Jars– As members we get Pick-Your-Own privileges and usually take advantage of the beautiful strawberry season.  I make a simple strawberry jam and have given jars as end of the school year gift to teachers for the past few years.
  • Large Mason Jars – these are great – I make the salsa and sauerkraut in these – as well as use them for drinking glasses and to pack up leftovers. 
  • Salsa – a simple fermented salsa is super useful in the kitchen and I always make up so much that it carries us through until almost December.  Sure you can eat it with chips, but it’s also great in an omelet, on grilled chicken or as a taco or fajita tipping.

We are a real family – so yes, sometimes we get pizza – whether we have been running around all day, or I just don’t feel like cooking that night.  What I love most about our journey with the CSA through Honey Brook Organic Farm is all the vegetables that my kids have had the chance to try – some they like and some they don’t.  I don’t believe in finishing what’s on your plate – I only require them to eat the veggies – then they can decide their fullness after that.  If they want more pasta/rice/chicken, or whatever it is – they have to eat their vegetables first.  As the summer is quickly coming to a close, and we have a freezer packed of vegetables, tomato sauce and yes, even yummy chocolate chip zucchini bread, I love knowing that I am doing my best by giving them the nutrients their little bodies need to get out there and change the world.  Or at least go to school and make the teacher crazy for a few hours. 



Essential Oils and Why I Chose This Company

I use essential oils daily and have since I was a teenager.  When I first stepped into my own self-care as a young adult, I remember driving to the health food store and being entranced by these amazing little bottles.  The first one I ever bought for myself was eucalyptus.  I had a cold and I put a few drops into a bowl of hot water, leaned over it and inhaled the steam.  I was WOWED from the beginning.

My next step was to learn all I could.  At that time, 1992ish, we didn’t Google everything instantly – we read a book or found an expert.  I found a book called The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.  I read every single page, and have used it as a reference ever since.  There is always something to learn, and the thought of taking an aromatherapy course always pops into my mind, but  the timing never seems to right. 

Through the years my friend would joke – “OK Gina, do you really rub your kids feet?” “ Well,” I explain, “yes. But what I’m doing is applying essential oils –to help their little immune systems boost up and fight whatever is going on at the time.”  Yes, we go to the doctor, and yes, if the doctor prescribes a medicine we take it. This is about practical self-care and learning to work with your body.  This is about helping your body.  This is about finding a more natural approach to your wellness and being proactive about your health.

I’ve used many different brands – there are some great ones – and there are some not so great ones.  The one company that I kept coming back to was Young Living.  I noticed when making skin products that needed far less of these oils compared to some of the other ones.  I loved their Seed to Seal process, which shows the company’s commitment to purity and quality.  As I keep seeing the amazing benefits these products have brought to my home, I am honored to be a part of this community and teach everyone about them.

Send me an email if you have any questions that aren’t answered here in this post – or if you want to connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram– I would love to hear from you!

First things first, – do your research. I’ve done it for myself and fell in love with every product that Young Living has come out with. See for yourself. Once you’ve made the decision to sign up, jump on over here to this link and sign up as a Wholesale Member – you will automatically save 24% off retail prices. (Use # 3087915 as the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID)  There is NO OBLIGATION to sell anything when you are signed up as a Wholesale Member.  If you decide to share the products and opportunity further on down your path then we can work up a plan for that as well. 

You can also save more money if you decide to join the Essential Rewards program – this is where you get a shipment each month – with reduced shipping costs, earning  points towards product, and the ability to earn free oils each month depending on your order size.  If you sign up as a Wholesale Member today you can skip this part for the time being – no need to make that decision right now.

Getting Started:

There are a few different kits to get you started.  The Premium Starter Kit, with a diffuser and 12 oils is the best way for you to begin your oil journey – and you get to choose the diffuser of your choice.  Now is the perfect time to get started!

Essential Oils in Brick, NJ

Becoming a Wholesale Member

  1. Click this LINK and check off WHOLESALE MEMBER to save 24% on retail prices.
  2. Use # 3087915 (that’s me!) as the Sponsor ID and the Enroller ID.
  3. Choose your Premium Starter Kit
  4. You can say no to the Essential Rewards on Step 3.  No need to worry about that right now.
  5. Feel free to add anything else to your initial order if you would like.
  6. Follow through to the end.  You will receive TWO confirmation emails – one confirming that you signed up, the other confirming your order.
  7. EMAIL ME  to say Hello!!!  I would love to hear from you and connect about your oil journey!  I will also add you to a great information Facebook group once you have completed your Wholesale Member sign-up.

I am so excited to see you move forward on any part of your journey – comment below and tell us how you use essential oils.



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