A Healthy Woman


My Dear Friend,

It happens overnight, or it feels like that.  You wake up and find an extra 10 pounds around your middle, or you just don’t feel like you are waking up at all and the fogginess of fatigue follows you all day.  What the heck happened?

It’s natural to turn to the food first.  Diet mentality steps in, or you search online to self diagnosis which vitamins might be lacking.  I know, I do it too.  Sometimes it can be something as simple as that, but mostly it’s a sign.  First, always-always-always see your doctor.  Don’t self diagnosis my love, you are too important for Internet Search Medicine.  Make sure you are on track.  Then, take that that info and work with it.

You may find that nothing on the labs is showing that something is wrong, but are feeling something is off.  Go with your gut. 

Your body is communicating with you all the time, when you continually do not listen, she will begin screaming.  I promise you that.

What can you do to bring back some balance to your life and not obsess about it all? 

A healthy woman does a few things:

· A healthy woman is happy and has relationships that enhance her life. Have you noticed how talking with a good friend can completely change your day? How nice is it when you and your partner have a deep conversation or one of those mind-reading moments across a crowded room? We are wired to connect with other people.

· A healthy woman loves what she does. Many people spend more time at their workplace than with their loved ones. Are you getting fulfillment from your career? Working tirelessly at a job that you hate can bring you down and leave emptiness inside you. What do you think this does for your health? Are you a Stay-At-Home-Mom? This is your job and if you are not feeling fulfilled it can be draining on you, causing overeating or bad food choices.

· A healthy woman is passionate about something.  Are you using your spare time to read the type of books that you love? Do you have a hobby? Have you learned to play that piano that you have always wanted? Or is there some other skill that you have been yearning to delve into? Still not sure where a hobby fits into your healthy life? Think about a day that has sucked the life out of you. Now you get home and begin doing something that you truly enjoy. Your body begins to relax, your mind is focused. Stress is a killer, you already know that. Having a hobby can be great stress relief and keep you healthy and happy.

· A healthy woman feels connected, yes I’m talking spirituality.  Do you have a connection to something else outside of yourself? This can be a religious community or just a personal relationship you have with something outside of yourself. Faith is a very powerful and driving force. Taking some time to figure out how it fits into your life is important.

· A healthy woman cares for herself.  I know, it sounds simple, and yet it is difficult for many to accomplish. A lot of women feel pulled in different directions and put their own personal needs last, while tending to everyone and everything else first.

· A healthy woman moves her body often.  Yes, you had to know that I would get there eventually- exercise. How often are you moving that body each day? Even a short walk each day will improve your body systems drastically.

· A healthy woman eats real food.  What are you eating? There is no right or wrong answers here. Real food is information that your body turns into energy and the stuff that you need to function. How much of what you eat is real?

Our personal journeys help create who we are.  Part of mine has been one of reflection and learning to look within for those answers to my own issues, whether physical or emotional.  All that energy in your body can create health or sit stagnant and make illness.  What you choose to do with that amazing fact is completely up to you.  It really is.  Above is a list of a few simple things that help to create a healthy and balanced life – which one feels good for you to focus on today?  How about for tomorrow?  Keep it going my beautiful friend – YOU are so worth it. 

With love,


Speak Your Truth, Listen to Theirs

I am a big proponent for date nights, yes, especially for those of us that have been married a while.  Not just the “adult nights” my friends and I call it when we all gather for dinner and drinks, no kids allowed – although those are always very fun.  I mean just the two of us, talking and listening, just being.  Time to talk about those things that don’t come up in daily life. Time to connect and to ask those questions such as “What are your hopes, fears, dreams?” or perhaps “How are you?”.  You know, the stuff we ask in the beginning of a relationship, but seem to forget that as we change, so does our partner, and what we think we know about someone quite possibly has changed too.

How well do you really know the people you are spending time with? Is it just a connection, like, your kids are in the same class so you became friends?  What truly connects us to other people in our lives?  What do you really know about them?  It all comes down to curiosity and listening.


I very recently (yesterday), had to show up for jury duty.  I really didn’t want to go and was kind of cranky about it all weekend. I kept thinking how I was so put out and what would happen if I wasn’t home in time for my kids’ arrival back from school.  Ugh. I was not in the best mindset about it all.   I woke up yesterday morning and decided that I was just going to let go.  I took some breaths and cleared my head and started to be grateful.  I said thank you for this beautiful day.  I said thank you for the all the amazing people I would share space with.  I said thank for whatever it was that was coming my way and opened myself up to an awesome experience.  I said thank you for whatever I was meant to learn that day.

The first hour was completely boring, we all gathered in a room just waiting.  A few people complained and one man stated for the entire hour how hungry he was.  I tried not to judge, I just sat with it. I chatted with the women sitting by me and read my book a bit.  An hour later most of us were called into a courtroom for jury selection.  I was called up as Juror #3.  The judge asks basic questions and I just focused on the process.  This part of jury selection is called “voir dire”, which translated means “to speak the truth”.  After all questions are asked, those that are basic, and then those that are pertinent to the case in question, the prospective jurors are asked to speak about who they are.  WTF.  This I was not ready for – basically an elevator speech on who I was.  I was #3, so I had two people to go before it was my turn, and truthfully, I sat there pondering the universal question “Who am I?”. 

The main reason I had trouble with this question is funny really.  I have struggled as to the direction of my blog and business for a while.  It’s not about the food, but that seems to be all people want to know about, yet, all I want to talk about is the deeper shit that no one seems to want to talk about.  Does that make sense?  Who am I? has been the question on my mind for weeks now, and here I am forced to answer it aloud in front of a room of about 80 people. 

I’m sitting there and thinking quickly about who I am, just down to the basics, I blurt out my name, that I am a Stay At Home Mom (the position I feel the most passion for), that I am married and what my husband does and where he works (because they asked), that I am a Health Coach and run a wellness blog.  While of course that is not all that I am, in a nutshell that was it.  But what I took, in that moment, was that the most important thing to me, being a present and deliberate parent, was my passion.  I know that when I am short with the kids, or lose my temper, like so many of us do, I am not being present.  I realized that all the other stuff that I sometimes fill my day with certainly doesn’t fill my bucket as much as being there with them, for this short and precious time. 


So yes, being healthy and taking care of all that other stuff like meditating and working out, helps me be the best me in order to do that thing that I truly love.  And yes, feeling purpose, even in  daily chores and commitments, helps me feel full and satisfied with the dealings of the day.  But most of all sending out that inspiration and seeing other Moms own their truth,  breathe in the moment, and find whatever it is that gives them  the heart-centered-soul-feeding-moments they crave for in their day.  It really has nothing to do with the food, all that stuff that truly feeds and nourishes us.

As for my stint of jury duty, I was excused as Juror #3 and the whole thing only took 2 hours out of my day.  Two Hours. 



Today’s Truth


The more I spend time teaching healthy living, the more I want to express to you that it really is all in your hands.  The health.  The happiness.  Everything in your path, whether an obstacle to hurdle or a sign to stop and redirect, is part of your path.  We don’t learn from seamlessly flowing through life, but we become stronger from falling and flexing those muscles to get back up again.  And again.  And again. 

I began blogging back in 2006 in order to be heard.  I was a SAHM mom with two small children, but found that doing it right, or at least, the way I wanted to parent , hands on and fully attentive, was difficult and isolating.  I will never take that blog down, ever.  It was a way to share my children’s day with my amazing grandmothers and my family that didn’t live so close by.  I felt like I was OK every time someone laughed about a story I told or said to me “I get it”.  Being heard is such a huge thing.  A gorgeous and fulfilling thing, yet it’s so overlooked.  When I argue with someone, it’s not to prove myself being right and change their point of view, it’s simply to be understood.  You need not agree with someone, simply hear them and acknowledge them. That is extremely powerful. 

As life changes, we grow.  Although I am a completely different person than I was back in 2006.  In fact, these 9 years later, I am pretty much a different person, new cells and all.  So are you.  That is a fact – no one stays the same.

It’s easy to fight change, isn’t it?  There is always something going on that we can stand up and argue – politics, diet rules and theories, parenting….  But as I grow and change, so does the way I write and teach. I want to share the real stuff – the messy and down to earth real shit that happens.  No one, and I repeat NO ONE has the perfect life.  When we stop comparing our journey to someone else’s perfectly planned Instagram photo compilation we can see that. 

You see, I have come to understand that my journey is not about food.  It’s about accepting yourself fully.  Accepting myself, hunger and all.  It’s about beauty and inspiration.  It is about the mistakes and falls and what you learn on the way down AND the way back up.   It’s about using all those tools that I have learned to keep myself and my family well – whether it’s herbs or oils or meditation – and sharing them with you.  As the way I teach changes, I hope to see you through this journey, and I welcome you to jump right in and live an inspired life. 



Back to School Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas


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I’m gathering school supplies and prepping lunch ideas, but soon the lazier summer schedules will bump back up to busy-and-crazy-school-sports-after-school-extras going on. Family dinnertime is a majorly important time for us, and if I am not prepared, the kids will sit down to a frazzled mom and a not so healthy supper.  It’s also harder to find time to cook a great meal in a short amount of time.  Insert the Crock Pot  – one of my favorite ways to get dinner started and have it ready for when we need it.  I recently reached out to some of my favorite bloggers and got you (and I) some great slow cooker dinner recipes to get started:



What are your favorite ways to use your slow cooker?  Comment below and share the dinners that your family loves!