I’ve Been Gone



It feels that way, no new blog posts, very little social media, what the heck, right?  This was my first week not leaving the house to work.  I recently gave notice to the health food store that I worked at.  It was both sad and happy. So many things at home needed tending, mostly the children.  But wait, that’s more time to blog and write and coach, right? Yes and no.  I made a commitment to write at certain times so that I can be more present with the kids, at least when they want me around.  They are 9 and 10, so those moments come and go.  Just yesterday dropping the son off to lacrosse camp, I bent down to kiss him on the head and he told me “Ma, that’s not cool.”  Insert broken heart.

Life is always changing.  We are always growing.  While I left that job, I already had a speaking engagement in the works that I am totally stoked about – Insert BIG happy face.  If you are in the Brick, NJ area, check THIS out for July 24 and 31.

So yeah, change is frightening.  But I am alive. It’s all about movement and being in the moment.  I have only a few memories from childhood that stand out to me, mostly because I was never in the moment.  I was anxious and always worried about the “what ifs”.  Ugh.  The dreaded “what ifs”.  That shit is scary.  But it’s like this – you can either watch your kids play and live in wonder from the sidelines, or you can crouch down and really see life through their eyes.  That shit, THAT is amazing.  My process, my journey, as much as it’s about health and real food, the main point that I have learned and that applies to all of my lessons is this one thing:  MindFULLness.  Yes, I know it’s misspelled, but I did that on purpose and it makes my point.  Completely immersing yourself in the moment, no thought of what was or what will be. 

So today I challenge you, my beautiful friend, to stop and just be present.  Wherever you are, feel the breeze on your face and the grass under your toes.  Connect with the quiet action of life that is all around you.  Breathe in and out and feel that ever present force that you share with everyone and everything around you.  Wherever you are, just be there.  No thoughts of what was or what might be.  Stand strong in your power and be aware of  your beautiful presence.  That, my dear, is MindFULLness. 




Balance, Moderation and Keeping it Real




I blab a lot about balance around here.  Yeah, I see your nods of approval and hear you say “Everything in moderation, right G?” 


Here’s the deal – sure I enjoy a glass of wine, but I have to check myself every once in a while and make sure it’s not everyday.  I personally do well with a gluten-free, whole food and plant-based diet, but I do have the occasional Devil Dog.  And sure, I would never say no to a dinner invitation to your home, nor would I question if the salad you served me was organic.  I love food.  And friends.  And good conversation.  Did I say wine too?

But that word “moderation” is thrown around a bit too much.  What if I had that Devil Dog and wine EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.?  Is that considered moderation? To some people it is.  To some of the women that I speak to, the gigantic coffee frou-fou drink topped with whipped cream that contains a major amount of sugar is what gets them through the day.  Umm.  Excuse me yoga-pants-wearing-momma, did you know that the Starbucks Caramel Frapp-a-what-what Blended Coffee, Grande size (that’s a 16 oz ), contains a whopping 64 grams of sugar? Oh, and in case you didn’t know, 1 TEASPOON of sugar = 4 GRAMS of sugar.  So, yep, you may or may not have just drank 16 TEASPOONS of sugar.  Holy inflammation Batman!!  If you really did just get out of the gym, you pretty much just drank more than what you probably burned off there.  Then again, I too wear the yoga pants while running errands and have no intention of hitting up a fitness class, so no judgment here.

It’s about getting real and honest with yourself.  If you are feeling like crap most of the time, take a moment to look at what you are eating most of the time.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you having awesome conversations and good times with friends and family?  What about work? – Is that place sucking the life out of you or inspiring you?  Stop feeling like you don’t have a choice in the matter – there is always a choice.


Written with love,


How to Create Balance in Your Life

You are eating the right foods, working out and still can’t reach the goals you set for yourself.  What the heck is going on?

Truthfully, you are hungry.  Not for conventional food as you know it.  You are hungry for nourishment at a completely different level.  A level that you have been ignoring for quite a while   You need Spirit Food.

Spirit Food is what feeds you at a completely different level.  Think about how refreshed you are after a phone call with a good friend?  THAT is nourishment.  Having a daily meditation practice? That is nourishment.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  This is not about being perfect with it all – keep it real.  Create the life that fits your life – don’t compare to anyone else.

Here’s a simple yet powerful exercise:

Draw a circle and divide it into 6 equal pie shaped sections.  Label each pie piece as the following:  Healthy Food, Self Care, Relationships, Movement, Playtime/Passions/Hobbies, and Spirituality.

What does YOUR life look like?

1. Place a dot on the line in each category to indicate how satisfied you are in that area.  A dot toward the center of the circle shows not satisfied, the more satisfied you are in that area place the  dots toward the outside edge of the circle.

2. Connect the dots.

3. Determine where you might want to  spend more time and energy to create balance in your life.


How did you do?


I know an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that would love to support you! XOXO

Hot Weather, Cool Food

Hot WeatherCool Food


It’s June – the garden is beginning to really bloom here at the Jersey Shore.  I enjoy working in the garden, it’s very meditative, as well as rewarding to watch what you have planted blossom.  Just as this mind clearing activity is part of my self- care, so is changing up the food I eat during the hot summer months.  Eating seasonally optimizes your health.  To stay (or get) or more balanced during the summer, Ayurveda has us eat more cooling foods.  Ayurvedic medicine, which is the one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems comes out of India.  The belief is that health and wellness depend on the balance of body, mind and spirit.  Integrating bits and pieces of this amazing system can drastically improve your health.  I know, I have done it for myself.

Eating Cooler in the Summer

  • Eat More:  Salads, steamed vegetables, fruit and coconut oil
  • Eat Less:  Coffee, chips and spicy foods
  • Stay Hydrated:  Drink water with cucumber slices, coconut water
  • Drink Tea:  Mint, hibiscus, dandelion
  • Smaller Dinner:  Eat your largest meal before 2 p.m.

The really cool part of Ayurveda is that anyone can begin to incorporate it into their day.  The symptoms of too much heat, or Pitta, in the body can be seen as, but are not limited to:

  • Heartburn
  • Acid indigestion
  • Ulcers
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Skin rashes such as acne, eczema or psoriasis
  • Fever
  • Anemia

At any time of year if these symptoms arise, a cooling summer diet would benefit your health immensely.  Are you tuned in?  Are you listening to what your body is telling you?
Are you ready for a rockin’ healthy summer?

With love and a watermelon smoothie,

Why I Won’t Tell Clients What To Eat (and How to Begin to Coach Yourself)


Why I Won’t Tell Clients What To Eat


The biggest thing that women ask me is what to eat to lose weight.  Hands down, THAT is the biggest question they want to know.  I tell them “I don’t know right now”.

Hugh?  What?  As they look at me confused and completely bewildered, I giggle inside.  Of course I know. 

I know what foods are so nutrient rich that just adding them into your day will boost your immunity and help you not to get sick in the winter.  I know which foods your body needs more of in the hot and humid summer months.  I know what herbal teas to drink when you are anxious or can’t sleep.  And yes, I know what to eat to help boost your metabolism.

But I don’t tell them that.  They are not ready.  Not yet.

When it comes to these beautiful and amazing women (like yourself), I don’t know yet how well she knows herself.  I’m not sure how she approaches food yet or what she eats.  I haven’t delved into the importance of self-care yet.  I don’t know anything about her relationships.  Does she exercise, or attempt to move her body throughout the day – and take at 30 minutes of that just for herself? What makes her smile or even laugh out loud? Where is the passion and fun in her life?  Finally, I don’t know how well connected she is to something outside of herself.  Call it spirit or soul connection.  The importance of spirituality will very well far outweigh the list of foods that can be provided in any health magazine.  THESE are the things I want to know to help her help herself.  This is what coaching is all about.

Grab some paper and jump right in to coach yourself for a few minutes today – this is the fun part!  This may be difficult if you have not connected with yourself in a while – but it’s like seeing an old friend.  Once you just jump in say “Hi!” you will begin to peel away the walls and start to remember all the good stuff.  Oh yeah, it’s only then that you will have the skills and knowledge to stick with whatever plan you decide to go with.

Be Your Own Health Coach

  1. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  What are you doing now?  Are they related in any way?
  2. How mindFULL are you when you eat?  Do you begin eating when you are hungry and stop when you are content?  Or do you keep going?  Pay attention and ask yourself in that moment WHY you continue to eat well past the point of fullness, or why you may eat when you are not hungry.
  3. Do you have any daily rituals for taking care of yourself?  What are they?
  4. Do you have people in your life that will support the positive changes you want to make?  Are there any strained or toxic relationships that might be causing you more stress?
  5. Do you exercise, in some way, regularly?  What type of movement do you enjoy?
  6. When was the last time you got lost in an activity simply because it brought great joy?  What was it? 
  7. Do you have faith?  Do your beliefs help guide you each day?


Jump on over to the JERSEY GIRLS’ HEALTHY LIFE COMMUNITY and tell me how did!  There are going to be strong points and places that you need help with – that goes for all of us.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Empower yourself and keep moving forward.


with love,