Jumping Back on Track

The summer is a more relaxed time around here – no crazy sports schedules or games out of town going on.  There is the weekly guitar lesson for the gal, and a short lacrosse league for the boy, along with two short weeks of camps – but it’s August now – and that means nothing.  I love the nothing.  I love to lounge around if we can.  I love going to the beach.  Living 8 minutes from there, a beach day is easy and can be scheduled last minute.  But all in all , there is no real plan for the rest of the summer.  Ahhhh….  Time to breathe and enjoy.

But, since our vacation in April I have found myself still eating like I am on the cruise ship – like, anything and everything, and way too often.  I also found a few extra pounds. Oops!  In order to take care of that, there needs to be a plan – this relaxed summer thing is not cutting it.  So what does a health coach do? 

I began working out again – Even if I ate like crap, I still get at least one workout in during the day.  Morning works best for me – if I put it off until later it just won’t get done.  What is your best time to get in a workout?  PS- The workout is a non-negotiable date with myself – and sometimes it’s an early morning bike ride with the husband which makes it an even better date!

I remembered that my BFF is me.  Yep.  Corny as all heck, I sometimes forget that the most important relationship that I have is with moi. Taking the time to journal and remember who that is always reminds me.  We make it a priority to call our friends, check up on them, and support them when they need it.  Well, I need it.  The best person to do that is me.  I am taking all my self-love and making me #1.  Ain’t nothing selfish about that momma – pure L.O.V.E.

Cutting down on the sugar and cracky carbs.  OK, so I know and you know that sugar sucks.  But it’s yummy.  I don’t do well with any sort of deprivation or diet plan.  Tip:  Knowing yourself helps you to create the plan that will work for you.  For instance – 2 shakes a day and I’m starving for food – not so much for hunger,  but for the pleasurable aspect of food – the colors, the smells, the textures.  Those plans work for many, and that is fantastic, but not for me.  So my being aware that I ate ice cream yesterday and had some extra Moscato on ice at a picnic, helps me to make better choices for the next few days based more on whole foods – vegetables, fruits, proteins, and less sugar. 

There are a few more aspects of balancing that I incorporate when making a plan, but these are the three that I am focusing on this week.  What’s your plan?

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I am taking all my self-love and making me #1.  Ain’t nothing selfish about that momma – pure L.O.V.E.



Don’t Believe the Hype


If everyone believed everything they read on the internet we would all be in trouble.  But wait – they do! There is so much information about everything from diets to essential oils to what to eat at what exact time to perfect your body.  People grab onto the latest “news” headlines, (term used loosely) and run with them. If it sounds outright crazy, it most likely is- or, it is a story based on a microscopic truth and then enhanced to get your attention.  Kind of like the headlines that get us to grab up that magazine at the check-out counter.  I do it too.  “Ooohh, new super food that will help you to lose 10 lbs!  I’m in – let me check that out!”

Information is so accessible these days.  With the touch of a button we, or our children, can access the answer to any question that is on our minds. But more doesn’t mean better. And those answers don’t always stem from truth. 

I’m still the friend that calls and would prefer not to text.  I still want to enjoy a cup of tea (or wine) with a neighbor on the front porch.  Connections.  I crave them.  They offer truth and comfort.  A blurb on Facebook doesn’t tell me “What’s on your mind?” – In fact, it only tells me what you want people to see.  But I don’t always believe it.  I was taught that actions speak louder than words. That is the truth that I believe.  I believe in some natural forms of health that others deem “quackery”.  But I have seen the proof in my own life.  I also see some wacky stuff that I cannot believe that people will try, all in the name of losing weight.  There is so much internet noise out there and no one is talking to each other. 

I will always be honest with you.  Yes, I passionately want every woman to be empowered and love herself down to her beautiful core.  I want you to thrive with health and happiness and breathe pure joy.  But I also want a cupcake.  Sometimes we take the family out for pizza.  I will never pretend to be something that is not anything but who I am, and I am still working on who that is and how I fit in with the world.  We all are.

Today I just want you to question – stop sharing and posting the crazy shit and share a bit of yourself with someone who is there with you, not online.  Connect and hold honesty in your heart.  That’s the stuff that headlines are made of. 



Living MindFULLness




Breathing in, no headphones, I jumped on my bike very early in the morning.  The sun, warm and bright, was just beginning to peak over the houses.  Even the birds were starting their day.  Their tweeting songs floating out onto the street before me from somewhere inside the trees.

No thoughts except of the present – taking in all the quiet beauty of the neighborhood.  No judgments.  No worries.  No regrets.  I thought once or twice that my camera could have captured the morning artistry that I found in the secret corners of the streets.

It’s funny, I never got it before, never before I delved into meditation or even began to try understanding the head chatter that is called the ego, I never knew what ultimate peace lie beneath it all.  When your head is full of drifting thoughts and the irrational voice of the ego, you so easily miss the ever present magic all around you.

I did this all too often when looking at my body, or my face reflecting back to me in the mirror.  I never really just looked without judgment or opinion.  without comparison.  Just. Really. Looked.  When your mind is cleared of all the cobwebs of what are assumed to be survival tips, you can see all of your true light and beauty.  I promise you it is there for you. 

Take off the headphones and just be there – wherever you are right now.  When you look in the mirror prepping for the day.  When you parent your child.  When you cook a meal, a counter full of real food before you.  When you sit on the front porch chatting it up with a neighbor.

Quiet the noise and your eyes see more clearly.  Think true compassion.  Think real understanding.  Not just thinking about what you are going to say next, or forming judgments about what the other is saying.

Peak around and see for the first time the amazing life that you have before you and step through the door.

That is meditation and mindFULLness at it’s finest – fully functioning and thriving.




5 Ways to Eat More Whole Foods




I know, I dig some cheese and crackers too.   But what percentage of your food is R.E.A.L. ?  I mean, totally from the earth, natural and organic? Eating out of packages all day is taxing to your liver and overall health.  Not sure what the heck I am talking about?  Check this out:

Whole foods, no, not just a fancy, shmancy supermarket, whole foods are : food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.  Oh snap – so that means less packaging, more real green stuff.  

Your body knows what to do with this stuff.  When you pile on the artificial colors and crap it’s information that your beautiful body doesn’t understand. 


So how do you start to incorporate more whole foods in your diet and enjoy it?   Here’s 5 ways:


  1. Eat one salad every day – pick either lunch or dinner – that’s up to you.  Make sure to add in some healthy fats like raw cashews or sunflower seeds and some protein, maybe some grilled chicken or a bunch of chickpeas.  Make sure it is filling and enjoyable. 
  2. Replace your bread.  Sure there are wholesome and healthy breads, but take the time to wrap your sandwiches in a collard or large lettuce leaf instead – you are adding in more green and less starchy carbs.  You might also notice changes in your digestion throughout the day for the better.
  3. Use your blender for more than margaritas.  Yep.  Try a smoothie for any meal of the day – they are not just for breakfast.  Many times you will notice when you eat (or drink) a lighter dinner, you will sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.
  4. Swap out your ice cream for bananas.  Here me out here…. throw a frozen banana in the blender with a little bit of coconut milk, some chia seeds and some vanilla extract – BAMM!  Ice cream. It is delicious AND nutritious.
  5. Read. Those. Labels.  If you do buy packaged food, and yes, we all do, make sure to read labels and don’t get anything if you cannot pronounce the ingredients.  There are great recipes all over the internet for whole grain crackers and breads that you can make yourself.  Get back in the kitchen and remind yourself where food really comes from. 

Pick just one.  Start there. 


XOXO, Gina

I’ve Been Gone



It feels that way, no new blog posts, very little social media, what the heck, right?  This was my first week not leaving the house to work.  I recently gave notice to the health food store that I worked at.  It was both sad and happy. So many things at home needed tending, mostly the children.  But wait, that’s more time to blog and write and coach, right? Yes and no.  I made a commitment to write at certain times so that I can be more present with the kids, at least when they want me around.  They are 9 and 10, so those moments come and go.  Just yesterday dropping the son off to lacrosse camp, I bent down to kiss him on the head and he told me “Ma, that’s not cool.”  Insert broken heart.

Life is always changing.  We are always growing.  While I left that job, I already had a speaking engagement in the works that I am totally stoked about – Insert BIG happy face.  If you are in the Brick, NJ area, check THIS out for July 24 and 31.

So yeah, change is frightening.  But I am alive. It’s all about movement and being in the moment.  I have only a few memories from childhood that stand out to me, mostly because I was never in the moment.  I was anxious and always worried about the “what ifs”.  Ugh.  The dreaded “what ifs”.  That shit is scary.  But it’s like this – you can either watch your kids play and live in wonder from the sidelines, or you can crouch down and really see life through their eyes.  That shit, THAT is amazing.  My process, my journey, as much as it’s about health and real food, the main point that I have learned and that applies to all of my lessons is this one thing:  MindFULLness.  Yes, I know it’s misspelled, but I did that on purpose and it makes my point.  Completely immersing yourself in the moment, no thought of what was or what will be. 

So today I challenge you, my beautiful friend, to stop and just be present.  Wherever you are, feel the breeze on your face and the grass under your toes.  Connect with the quiet action of life that is all around you.  Breathe in and out and feel that ever present force that you share with everyone and everything around you.  Wherever you are, just be there.  No thoughts of what was or what might be.  Stand strong in your power and be aware of  your beautiful presence.  That, my dear, is MindFULLness.