Self Care and Holiday Frazzle


A few months ago, I snapped. I totally went off on someone I loved and it really had nothing to do with what was going on in that moment. It was built up resentments and jealousy and all kinds of feelings. It was like tea kettle – once the water is boiling and the steam fills up the pot, and it escapes out the top, it begins to whistle. It has to have somewhere to go. When we keep those feelings and thoughts hidden inside, eventually, it’s gonna blow.

That brings me to today’s Self Care for the Holidays tip:

Keep a journal.

It needn’t be a pink glittery book with Hello Kitty on the front with a cheesy little lock on it, but by all means, if you like that, it could be. Seriously, grab yourself a notebook or something that you will write in on most days, even if for five minutes each day.

It’s easy to spend your time on the food part – pinning recipes on Pinterest and Googling diet tips. Today we are focusing on the mind connection – once you have strengthened that part – the rest is easy.

Why keep a journal? Studies show that expressive writing can reduce blood pressure, increase immune function, decrease the severity of arthritis and asthma and promote wound healing.

For your self care, deepening the relationship you hold with yourself is the most important aspect of health and wellbeing. This will help you not blow up at your loved ones, stick with your goals, and be kinder to yourself. Win-Win-WIN!!

How to keep a journal? This is the easy part: just write. There are no hard and fast rules – grab your morning coffee or tea or lemon water and just write. Don’t feel guilty for anything that comes out – and if it’s something you need to get it out this is the place to get it out on paper. You can even tear it up if you want. These are just thoughts. If you allow negative thoughts to bubble up inside they will physically surface at some point. The holidays can be very stressful – maintaining that line of communication is so important when It comes to all your relationships, the one with yourself is no different.

A few prompts to get you started:

clip_image001 Make a list of 25 things that make you smile.

clip_image001[1] Right now I am thankful for…

clip_image001[2] I really wish others knew this about me…

clip_image001[3] Use 10 words to describe yourself…

clip_image001[4] Write the words you need to hear.

Just write. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling or punctuation. A good brain dump in the morning is stress relieving and clears out all the extra “voices” so that you can move through your day more authentically and clear.


In health & happiness,


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