Top 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy in the Summer

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It’s already July!!  That is simply blowing my mind!!  The summer is almost halfway over.  How are the kids doing?  Even when school is out, there seems to still be so much running around, doesn’t there?  Never fear -  Here are a few tips to keep the kids healthy & happy during the summer months:

  1. HYDRATE – Yes, get your kids in the habit of drinking water all day.  Start first thing in the morning – 1 large glass of water to hydrate and get started for the day.  Hydration is important during hot weather, as well as cooler temps.
  2. EXERCISE – Well, you don’t have to call that it that.  Simply get them out to play.  Being in the house watching tv or playing video games all day is not good for them.  Running, playing, shouting (wait, is that just my kids?) – get them out  and take advantage of your little playmate too.  This is a great opportunity for you to get your playtime too!
  3. SEASONAL EATING – Summer is garden season – here in NJ we are already taking advantage of fresh greens, cucumbers, and even green beans.  Right now you can find fresh raspberry picking at your local farm.  Get to a farmers market, or join a CSA.  Let them see where they food comes from and let them help prepare it.
  4. SPIRIT – Being stuck in the house all winter kinda stinks.  Find a special spot, for us it is a special beach spot.  Later in the day when the crowds have gone and all is quiet, we sneak over to the beach and watch the sunset or go looking for sea glass.  We just “be” and feel more connected.
  5. SUN PROTECTION -  Use sunscreen on those little ones (and don’t forget you too!).  There are many different options available – simply find what works for you.  Hats and sunglasses are good too.  Let them enjoy being outside without getting a sunburn.

With a little less than two months left – what do you have planned for your summer?


In health & happiness,


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